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The restaurants below are recommended, some for the specific reasons named below. Remember that restaurants sometimes close without warning – always call before going. Questions, comments, suggestions? Please contact us. Check back often for updates.


Chef Jerome's Old-School Diner

Coastal Georgia

February 2008

The biggest, best and most eccentric of all the quirky fried-seafood palaces in the little-known coastal villages around Shellman Bluff, the Old School Diner serves fantastic Georgia fried shrimp, handmade deviled crab and smoky barbecued ribs in a huge Melamine chip-n-dip platter called The Wheelchair Special. (You'll need one to get to your car.) The ramshackle warren of rooms also attracts movie star Ben Affleck, part-time resident of nearby Hampton Island, who often likes to join the chef in the kitchen. Jessie Grant Road off Harris Neck Road (near Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge), Townsend. 912-832-2136.

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