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The Lights Went Out in Georgia


May 1998

This story for the short-lived but excellent national political magazine George (edited by John F. Kennedy Jr.) marked the first time the former inamorata of then-gubernatorial front-runner Mike Bowers told her story. She wanted to set the record straight, she said -- theirs was not a brief and clandestine office fling, as he implied in public statements, but a 15-year affair during which she believed him to be living separately from his wife. She also says he promised to marry her. Bowers, the state's former attorney general, was well-known as a fierce defender of Georgia's laws, particularly its century-old sodomy statutes.  

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Little Amy, Happy at Last

Atlanta Magazine

December 1996

After covering Amy Carter's wedding (her first, in 1996) for People magazine, I wanted to write a full-length profile of Jimmy and Rosalynn's very private daughter. I was happy when Rosalynn offered, during our phone interview, to forward some questions to her, and even happier when Amy sent back responses.